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Tales From The Reliquary – Episode 3: Tape 342

In 1973, President Richard Nixon is accused of spying on his political opponents and undermining the constitution of the United States of America. His secret recordings are handed over to the authorities, but a mysterious eighteen-and-a-half minute gap remained…

New project announcement! While Relic will release intermittently until next year, you can check out my other project: Arcanum Age.It’s a multimedia fantasy/sci-fi series told over e-book and audio.

Halloween Minisode: Haunted Civil War Gold

Happy Halloween! In this abbreviated, seasonal special: Three stories of civil war gold, two of which involve ghosts. SPOOKY!


Music by by Kevin MacLeod (
License: CC BY (


Episode 31 – It Belongs in a Museum! A Banquet of Mysteries

Kate from Ignorance Was Bliss joins the Relic dinnertable for a six-course-meal of mystery! In this episode we dig into a few unsolved topics concerning food, such as:

– Did bad bread lead to the Salem Witch Trials?
– Does artificial banana flavoring taste like how real bananas used to taste like?
– What the heck is a sugarplum anyway?
– What was the ancient seasoning and herb Silphium, and what happened to it?
– What are the origins of red velvet cake?
– Does a legendary fruit resembling women grow in the jungles of Thailand?

Season 2 Preview – “Empty Frames”

This season on Relic, we’re taking a look into the darker, dangerous side of treasure hunting: true crime capers, and cursed artifacts that may be better left undiscovered!

This preview contains the prologue to our first episode of the season, and one of the most bizarre unsolved art crimes ever committed: the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum heist.

Minisode – Who Gets Solved Next? A Talk With 5 True Crime Podcasts

Hear what happens when I hang out with my Podcast friends! This is a sample of some more “off the beaten path,” exclusive content you can expect when you donate $5 to the Relic Patreon at

In this half hour minisode, myself and 4 other True Crime podcasters discuss the aftermath of the Golden State Killer identification, and which infamous cases might soon be closed shut…

You can also hear the full, unedited conversation on our lives, podcasting, and accidental ingestion of mind altering substances, in episode 14 of “Ignorance Was Bliss.”

Please check out these really great podcasters featured in this episode!

Kate of “Ignorance was Bliss” – @IWBPodcast
Courtney of “The Cult of Domisticity” – @DomesticPodcast
Justin of “Obscura” – @obscuracrimepod
Jenna of “Meet Me in the Woods” – @MeetmeNthewoods

Cases in order of mention:

Golden State Killer
Lyle Stevik
Boy in the Box
The Zodiac Killer
Sneha Phillip
Jean Benet Ramsey
Maura Murray
Amber Tucarro
Mesa Body Pit
DJ Fickey
Jefferson Davis 8
West Memphis 3
Ronald Gean Simmons Sr.