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Episode 26 – Season Finale Part 2: Blood of the Grail

The adventure comes to a conclusion with Relic’s season finale.

No other lost treasure has captivated the minds of artists and treasure hunters alike than the Holy Grail. Said to have been the goblet that Jesus drank from at the Last Supper, it is an object of alleged immense power, rivaled only by its companion treasure, the Spare of Destiny. Where are these two sacred artifacts, if anywhere, and what did the Nazis want with them?

Vocal sample from Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade (1989) Lucasfilm Ltd.

Music from Kevin MacLeod
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

“Parzafal” by Richard Wagner, supplied by MusOpen

Special thanks to the research of David McIntee and his book “Fortune and Glory”.

Minisode – Who Gets Solved Next? A Talk With 5 True Crime Podcasts

Hear what happens when I hang out with my Podcast friends! This is a sample of some more “off the beaten path,” exclusive content you can expect when you donate $5 to the Relic Patreon at

In this half hour minisode, myself and 4 other True Crime podcasters discuss the aftermath of the Golden State Killer identification, and which infamous cases might soon be closed shut…

You can also hear the full, unedited conversation on our lives, podcasting, and accidental ingestion of mind altering substances, in episode 14 of “Ignorance Was Bliss.”

Please check out these really great podcasters featured in this episode!

Kate of “Ignorance was Bliss” – @IWBPodcast
Courtney of “The Cult of Domisticity” – @DomesticPodcast
Justin of “Obscura” – @obscuracrimepod
Jenna of “Meet Me in the Woods” – @MeetmeNthewoods

Cases in order of mention:

Golden State Killer
Lyle Stevik
Boy in the Box
The Zodiac Killer
Sneha Phillip
Jean Benet Ramsey
Maura Murray
Amber Tucarro
Mesa Body Pit
DJ Fickey
Jefferson Davis 8
West Memphis 3
Ronald Gean Simmons Sr.

Episode 25 – Season Finale Part 1: Brood of the Gods

The first part of Relic’s season finale! If you’ve watched any science fiction or adventure movie in the last 20 years, you may be aware of a certain fantasy/sci fi trope: Nazis channeling the forces of the paranormal to help satisfy their goals. The truth behind the lore is, as they say, stranger than fiction. In this episode, find out how fringe belief, ancient mythology, and modern pseudoscience, came together to form a tyrannical and genocidal movement.

Music from Kevin Macleod and MusOpen