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The Relic Halloween Special 2020: Scary Movies with Filmmaker Shane Anderson

Picnic at Hanging Rock | NFSA Robert Eggers Explains Why He's Drawn to Remaking 'Nosferatu' [Interview] -  Bloody Disgusting






Because the world isn’t scary enough, Relic celebrates Halloween 2020 with a look into some horror movies that were almost lost, and some influential titles. We’re joined by special guest, Shane Anderson, filmmaker and host of the Mighty Motion Picture Rangers Podcast. We discuss how one of the most influential horror films of all time was almost a lost treasure; the waves and booms of the horror genre; some of our favorite fights; and the difference between American and Australian horror movies.

You can check out some of Shane’s work, featured here.

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Episode 35 – Relic Down Under: The Mystery of the Min Min Lights

We’re back, folks! Sarah from Good Nightmare joins me on the first of several mid-season episodes on Australian mysteries. Strange lights in the outback have been reported since before the arrival of white settlers. Are the Min Min Lights a natural phenomena, or something paranormal?

While you wait for Relic to come back, you can hear me Thursdays on Sydney’s community radio station 2ser 107.3 where I produce and co-produce the segments: Vegemite Pizza and Five-Minute Mysteries.

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