Minisode – Who Gets Solved Next? A Talk With 5 True Crime Podcasts

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In this half hour minisode, myself and 4 other True Crime podcasters discuss the aftermath of the Golden State Killer identification, and which infamous cases might soon be closed shut…

You can also hear the full, unedited conversation on our lives, podcasting, and accidental ingestion of mind altering substances, in episode 14 of “Ignorance Was Bliss.”

Please check out these really great podcasters featured in this episode!

Kate of “Ignorance was Bliss” – @IWBPodcast
Courtney of “The Cult of Domisticity” – @DomesticPodcast
Justin of “Obscura” – @obscuracrimepod
Jenna of “Meet Me in the Woods” – @MeetmeNthewoods

Cases in order of mention:

Golden State Killer
Lyle Stevik
Boy in the Box
The Zodiac Killer
Sneha Phillip
Jean Benet Ramsey
Maura Murray
Amber Tucarro
Mesa Body Pit
DJ Fickey
Jefferson Davis 8
West Memphis 3
Ronald Gean Simmons Sr.